Barack Obama

  • The Obama Presidential Library That Isn’t

    President Obama unveiled the plans for the Obama Presidential Center in May 2017. He said he wanted a place that “looked forward, not backward, and would provide a place to train future leaders.”

  • American Studies leader sorry for press release

    David Roediger, president of the American Studies Association, sent an email to members apologizing for a press release that suggested he and the ASA back Obama’s police reforms

  • Our Future Is 1979

    by Victor Davis Hanson

    Unfortunately, bad things happen when the world concludes that the American president has become weakened, distracted, or diffident about foreign policy.

  • Madman in the White House

    by James Rosen and Luke Nichter

    This time, it's the Russians who are making use of Nixon's "madman theory."

  • Obama: Ike Redivivus?

    by Victor Davis Hanson

    Obama admirers have created a complete distortion of “the Eisenhower era.”