remote learning

  • Early Dispatches From the COVID-19 Classroom

    As the fall term begins, professors describe their experiences in the in-person (and virtual) classroom. Their verdict? Better than feared. Lots of faculty experimentation. Students are anxious, and physical conditions are … mixed.

  • Remote Reflections: One Class, 55 Classrooms

    by John Hopper

    I was pleased that the transition to entirely remote learning went well. However, there are definite drawbacks to this kind of teaching, even for someone who is used to teaching students in multiple locations. 

  • Brave New Classroom: Lessons from the First Six Weeks

    by Hannah Leffingwell

    This crisis has pulled the ground out from under us all—professors, researchers, doctoral students, and undergraduates alike. But in truth, the weak spots revealed through this crisis have long existed.