medical history

  • Pandemic Narratives and the Historian

    A group of historians including Alison Bashford, Simuka Chigudu, Deborah Coen, Richard Keller, Julie Livingston, Nayan Shah and Paul Weindling discuss the helpful and harmful ways historians have examined the COVID-19 crisis. 

  • Pandemics of the Past

    by Jon Meacham

    "It’s too early to know where our own battle against Covid-19 will lead us — the fight is far from over — but the nonfiction literature of plague reveals that pandemics, while ending individual human lives, can mark the beginnings of new ways of being and of thinking," writes historian Jon Meacham.

  • How Pandemics End

    An infectious outbreak can conclude in more ways than one, historians say. But for whom does it end, and who gets to decide?

  • How Racism Is Shaping the Coronavirus Pandemic

    An interview with historian Evelynn Hammonds on the relationship between African-Americans and epidemics in American history, from the eighteenth century to the present day.

  • Letters From The 1918 Pandemic (Podcast)

    In this podcast, medical historian Dr. Howard Markel shares lessons to be learned from the 1918 flu outbreak, and podcast host shares 102-year-old letters from her aunt's family.

  • How Coronavirus Might Reshape Society

    Medical historians Howard Markel and Frank Snowden note how pandemics, including the present one, have to power to completely upend daily life.

  • $500,000 Federal Grant Awarded to Former “Americus Colored Hospital”

    The National Park Service and Historic Preservation Fund awarded the grant to an Americus preservation group to create a new civil rights museum in the original building of a Jim Crow-era hospital that served the black population of southwest Georgia.