Jim Loewen

James W. Loewen is a sociologist.  The New Press has just brought out new paperbacks of Loewen's bestseller, Lies My Teacher Told Me, and Sundown Towns, about places that were/are all-white on purpose. 

  • A Renaming Everyone Can Get Behind

    by Jim Loewen

    Delaware is the only U.S. state without a name for its highest point. Naming it after Ronald Reagan would probably satisfy fans and critics alike. 

  • Tax Protesting on the Cheap

    by Jim Loewen

    Leaving certain federal taxes unpaid was a common but poorly remembered form of protest against the U.S. war in Vietnam.

  • Mennonite Values

    by Jim Loewen

    "At the end of my life, I publish these lines thinking that they may come to be meaningful to you."

  • Censorship at Amazon

    by Jim Loewen

    What happened when Jim Loewen posted a comment on a neo-Confederate pamphlet sold on Amazon.

  • Farewell to the U.S. History Textbook?

    by Jim Loewen

    Pearson is selling its K-12 division. Good riddance! Pearson lists as authors famous historians who didn't write "their" textbooks, never knew who did, and didn't even bother to read them.

  • Books, Blacks, and Bigots

    by Jim Loewen

    The baseless claim that African Americans are anti-intellectual hurts race relations, as does the assertion that "they" are stupider than "us."