News at Home

  • Ranking Donald Trump: No Cause for National Happiness

    by James M. Banner, Jr.

    He’s accomplished what no other president has been able to achieve since the first presidential ranking in 1948.  He’s managed to raise James Buchanan, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, and Warren Harding off the floor.  The sad thing is that this is no achievement we can cheer.

  • Fear of the "Pussification" of America: A Short Cultural History

    by Gregory A. Daddis

    The bizarre idea that COVID-19 can be defeated through manliness is one of the stranger cultural themes of our time, but it connects to a long history of anxiety about masculinity in a changing America that encourages violent and even self-destructive actions in the name of proving virility.

  • Trump's Opportunities to Thwart Democracy

    by Alan J. Singer

    There are several provisions in the Constitution that could allow Donald Trump, with the help of friendly courts, to hold power against the will of the electorate. 

  • The Coming Election and the Political State of Fugue

    by Danielle Taana Smith

    American institiutions are threatened with transformation into unrecognizable and undemocratic forms; stopping these changes means holding on to a collective sense of national purpose in the face of misinformation and gaslighting.

  • Debates Are Unpredictable

    by Ron Faucheux

    In a close election, a debate can matter, and debates are lost more than they are won. Some examples from the television era of campaigning should give viewers a sense of how to judge Biden and Trump on Tuesday night. 

  • Anti-racist Lens Distorts History on New Jersey “Freeholders”

    by Tony Fels

    Beginning in 2021, New Jersey county officials will no longer be known as "freeholders." Although the author concedes the term is archaic, and "county commissioner" is a more informative descriptor, the term "freeholder" is not a relic of past racism. 

  • Breaking Lincoln's Promise

    by Shannon Bontrager

    Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address demanded that Americans keep the memory of both the Union dead and their cause alive and "hot." The cooling of that memory has enabled backlashes against justice through history, and today. 

  • Is This the Most Important Election?

    by Donald J. Fraser

    President Donald Trump may indeed be right, this is the most important election in our history. Just not for the reasons he believes.